5 Collaboration Opportunities You’re Missing Out On

[Editors Note: This article was written by Angela Mastrogiacomo.] When it comes to career growth, I’m a firm believer in two things: community and collaboration. In each instance, you’re arming yourself with a support system that not only gives you insight into creative ideas, methods, and approaches you may not have thought of, but it […]

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5 Reasons It Pays To Collaborate

[Editors Note: This article was written by Suzanne Paulinksi, an artist consultant with over 10 years in the music industry and owner of The Rock/Star Advocate.]   They often say, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” but what does that actually mean? Sure, we all know the benefits of growing our own team to carry out our […]

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Interview: The Sweeplings and the Art of Songwriter Collaboration

We never get sick of hearing about the interesting ways that artists get together to begin making music independently. While there’s always something to be said about, say, a brother and sister taking their childhood collaborative hobby on the road, or three friends who have been playing in the garage since seventh grade, we’re living […]

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