5 Reasons to Offer Instrumentals

Ever think about releasing the instrumentals of your latest EP, album or single? Check out this article to learn why it might pay off for you!

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Is Posting Covers on YouTube the BEST Use Of Your Time?

By Carlos Castillo A lot of music biz teachers will tell you that you should commit time to releasing cover songs on YouTube because you’ll get all kinds of organic growth and attention. This is a proven strategy that has been working for several years. But, especially now that so many musicians are applying it, […]

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Why Cover Songs Are Great for Indie Artists – When Done Right!

The term ‘cover song’ evokes various feelings from music fans and creators alike. Say you head out to a bar or restaurant with friends only to find the night’s entertainment is a cover band of some sort – while the snobbier music fans may roll their eyes, for a majority of patrons it means one thing: […]

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