#TCVideoFriday: May 1, 2015

It’s the first day of May and the weekend is in our sights. What more could you ask for than a wonderful, eclectic round-up of videos from awesome TuneCore Artists? That’s right: nothing.

Emily Kinney, “Rockstar”

Dastardly, “The Hollow”

TRACE, “Heavy Shoulders”

Gracie Schram, “Yellow Shoes”

Jagged Row, “Jekyll & Hyde”

Gunna Dee, “Cruising”

Amano, “Skies”

Kyneska, “Hotwired”

Lena Fayre, “This World”

EES, “Never Over (feat. Ongoro Nomundu)”


New Music Tuesday: April 28, 2015

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

lany copy
Someone Else


ekinney copy
This Is War
Emily Kinney

Pop, Alternative

tahjm copy
Tahj Mowry

Pop, R&B/Soul

everlit copy
Break Away

Rock, Heavy Metal

cap bailey copy
Keep ‘Em Movin (feat. Cap Bailey)
Twang And Round


lennonmaisy copy
In The Waves
Lennon & Maisy

Children’s Music, Singer/Songwriter

dusk copy
From Dusk Til Dawn, The Series, Season One
Robert Rodriguez, Carl Thiel, & CHINGON


heffron copy
Happy Mistakes (Unplugged)
Heffron Drive

Pop, Singer/Songwriter

exit24 copy
Get Wild
Exit 24


grabbitz copy
Friends EP

Dance, Electronic

watkins copy
If I Was Over You (feat. Jamey Johnson)
Amanda Watkins

Country, Pop

hustlism copy
Gunna Dee

Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul