Wednesday Video Diversion: November 1, 2017

Nursing a Halloween Candy Hangover? We feel you. Fun fact for the start of November: it was approximately 20 years ago today that Scandinavia’s Aqua rocked the UK Singles Chart with their massive hit, “Barbie Girl”. Likely just by reading that sentence, the chorus of “Barbie Girl” is already stuck in your head! Enjoy that. And enjoy this week’s round-up of TuneCore Artist music videos:

Jae Jin, “Darling U Know”

Epic Rap Battles of History, “Jack The Ripper vs. Hannibal Lecter”

KoBoogie, “Don’t Be Mad At Me (Real Rapid)”

Captain Kidd, “Stay”

SiR, “All In My Head”

DJ SPINALL, “Gimme Luv (feat. Olamide)”

Truett, “Left In The Dark”

Charlie Farley, “It Ain’t Over Yet”

Wednesday Video Diversion: January 18, 2017

There’s something interesting about the date January 18th. Well, at least there was something pretty interesting happening on this date in the 1960s: in ’64, the Beatles entered the US Charts with ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ for the first time; a year later, the Stones recorded two iconic songs, ‘The Last Time’ and ‘Play With Fire’ with Phil Spector; and just two years later, The Jimi Hendrix Experience belted out ‘Hey Joe’ for the first time on Top of the Pops! Let us all revel in that classic rock trivia and distract ourselves with something a little more modern:


Chrysalis, “My Eternity”

Raylin Joy, “Sunny Grey”

Los Rabanes, “Funky Movimiento”

Epic Rap Battles of History, “Nice Peter vs. Epic Lloyd”

Lee Mazin, “I’m Her”

Nobigdyl., “Purple Dinosaur”

Lennon & Maisy, “Up and Up (Coldplay Cover)”

Ryan McCartan, “When You Went Away (Acoustic)”

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 14, 2016

Today we’re looking back on Marvin Gaye’s first-ever #1 hit on the charts, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”, which debuted back in 1968. Seems pretty random, you say? Well yes, it is! But come on, if you landed on a blog with “Diversion” in the title it’s safe to assume you were looking for just about anything random. With that said, enjoy this random sampling of music videos from TuneCore Artists!

Ab-Soul, “Braille (feat. Bas)”

Epic Rap Battles of History, “Ash Ketchum vs. Charles Darwin”

Jones Street Station, “The Understanding”

RUELLE, “I Get To Love You”

Vanessa Zamora, “AmorEterno (En Vivo Desde Bar Mississippi)”

Diane Birch, “All The Love You Got”

The Rebel Roads, “First To Know (Acoustic)”

Trevor Moran, “Get Me Through the Night”

Kita Klane, “The Enemy”

Sounds Like Harmony, “Up”

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 7, 2016

Happy Wednesday, people! It’s getting late in the afternoon and we’re back here once again to provide an awesome line-up of TuneCore Artist music videos to distract and divert you from whatever meaningful tasks you had planned on completing:

Focus the Truth, “Basquiat (feat. Oswin Benjamin)”

Vanessa Zamora, “Nada Se Perido”

Lydia Cole, “Dream”

The Brothers Comatose, “Black Light Moon”

Epic Rap Battles of History, “Wonder Woman vs. Stevie Wonder”

Ab-Soul, “Huey Knew”

EAGLEWOW, “I Got Two Women”

Deal Casino, “Human Cannonball”

Young Dee, “Good Time (feat. Serene)”

Lil Mouse, “My Life a Movie”

New Music Friday: July ,1 2016

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

Blood Red

Hip Hop/Rap

The Arena
Lindsey Stirling

Dance, Electronic



Boots On A Dance Floor
Jon Wolfe


Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Soundtrack, Alternative

The Midwest
John Goolsby

Country, Singer/Songwriter


R&B/Soul, Alternative

charles ans
Ataraxia (A Plena Luz del Dia)
Charles Ans

Hip Hop/Rap


R&B/Soul, Hip Hop/Rap

House Of Heroes

Rock, Alternative

fight the fade
Fight The Fade
Fight The Fade

Rock, Alternative

Bruce Banner vs. Bruce Jenner
Epic Rap Battles of History

Comedy, Hip Hop/Rap

Wednesday Video Diversion: June 15, 2016

Back in 1977 on this very day, the infamous Sex Pistols Jubilee Boat Party took place on the River Thames. The iconic punk band performed their hit ‘Anarchy In The U.K.’ outside the Houses of Parliament and some folks got arrested!


Wish you were on a boat right now fighting the power? Or maybe just working on your tan? We can’t help you there but we can help distract you with some awesome music videos:

Goldyard, “Beautiful Strings”

Philmore Greene, “feat. Thiana Chester”

Alisa Reyes, “Sexy Hot”

These White Kids, “F**k Some Sh*t Up (feat. Drunk Donald Drump)”

Unlocking the Truth, “Monster”

DANAE, “Direction”

Epic Rap Battles of History, “Frederick Douglass vs. Thomas Jefferson”

Katrin Johansson, “One Last Kiss”


Beshken, “Faceless (feat. Gus Dapperton)”