Home Recording: How To Master EQ

Scott Wiggins schools home audio engineers on the values of EQ and how to utilize it for the best mixes possible.

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Should You Master for Different Digital Platforms?

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by our friends at Sweetwater.] Your mix is slammin’, your band is smilin’, and you’re putting the final sheen on your final FINALmaster before you hand it off to TuneCore for distribution. There’s only one problem: the target loudness you used is YouTube’s, not Tidal’s, and your song may […]

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7 Reverb Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Mix

[Editors Note: This article was written by Rob Mayzes. Read Rob’s previous article on compression mistakes to avoid, too!] Today, you’ll learn about seven common reverb mistakes. When I first started mixing, I made all of these mistakes. It took me years to learn my lesson. So I’m sharing them with you so you can […]

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