A Guide For Making Better Decisions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Being a DIY musician is no different than being an entrepreneur. Don’t let difficult decisions bog you down!

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INFOGRAPHIC: What You Need For Your Artist Bio

The artist biography is an overlooked but essential piece of your marketing materials. Whether you’re pitching to blogs, trying to book gigs, or putting together your website, it’s important to have an easy-to-read bio that tells the world about your musical career and, more importantly, helps you stand out from a crowd by offering your […]

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10 Best Fitness Exercises & Stretches for Musicians [Infographic]

[Editors Note: This awesome and helpful infographic first appeared on TakeLessons.com, written and created by Suzy St. George.] Musicians – how often do you think about your physical health? Do you take the time to exercise to keep yourself fit, strong, and healthy? The reality is, staying fit is just as important as practicing your instrument. Moreover, certain […]

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