TuneCore Partners With Pandora

TuneCore is excited to announce that we’ve officially partnered with Internet Radio powerhouse Pandora!

Pandora became a household name for music lovers in the United States, New Zealand and Australia as a revolutionary source for music discovery and carefully curated radio stations based on the artists its users love.

Now, they’ve launched their brand new Pandora Plus platform – a non-interactive subscription service (meaning Pandora selects the music being played next) free of ads that introduces features like replays, skipping more tracks, and offline station access.

Independent artists of all stripes have been asking TuneCore about access to Pandora for years, and now we’re thrilled to be able to offer an avenue of submission for music makers hoping to reach the Internet Radio service’s 78+ million users.

It’s important to note that while TuneCore Artists will now have the opportunity to submit as many releases as they’d like to Pandora, the service is still ultimately curated by Pandora, and we can therefore not guarantee that delivered content will go live on Pandora or Pandora Plus. Read more about delivery to Pandora here.

How do I get my music delivered to Pandora if I’m a first-time TuneCore Artist?

It’s simple – when getting ready to distribute your first release, make sure to ‘opt-in’ to Pandora when selecting which stores and platforms you would like your music delivered to.

I’ve already distributed a release(s) via TuneCore – how can I deliver it/them to Pandora?

To send in your previously TuneCore-distributed releases to Pandora for consideration, simply log in to your TuneCore account and visit the TuneCore Cart. Your releases have already been placed in the cart for “Pandora Store-Add”, all you need to do is complete the checkout process (if you have Store Automator, there is no action needed)!
Got more questions? Learn more about Pandora Plus or get in touch with our world class Artist Support team.

Rdio Shuts Down: The End of An Era & a Look To the Future

It’s amazing to think of how much the digital streaming landscape has evolved over the past five years. We’ve seen brands rise to the top and become household names, watched major digital music players adjust and adapt, and witnessed at least one hugely star-studded roll out. In fact, even the overall streaming conversation among artists has changed – from indies to Taylor Swift and Thom Yorke.

In mid-November, it was announced that well-known interactive streaming platform Rdio was filing for bankruptcy and selling some of its key assets to Pandora. Rdio officially shut down on Tuesday, December 22, 2015. TuneCore initially partnered with Rdio in 2012, and we enjoyed providing our artists with access to Rdio’s dedicated audience of music fans over the years.

While evolution is inevitable in such a market, it might leave some artists scratching their heads. What does Rdio shutting down say about the future of music streaming?

If you sift through twelve months of any music industry blog’s articles (as I have…), you’re also reminded that 2015 has been a year of major streaming growth milestones: Apple launched its hotly-anticipated streaming service, Apple Music, quickly racking up 15 million users and 6.5 million paying subscribers; Google Play began offering competitive family payment plans to attract more users; YouTube announced the rollout of its YouTube Red premium subscription service; and Spotify hit 1 billion streams.

As some important questions remain to be answered, this growth has resulted in an increasingly positive attitude towards streaming from many independent artists.

While it’s always hard to say goodbye, we’re thrilled to be able to offer a variety of great ways for you to get your music heard and we look forward to a bright 2016 for TuneCore Artists.

We’ve provided an article in our robust TuneCore Knowledge Base about this announcement, which you can access here for more information. As the world of digital music streaming continues to change, you can stay tuned to the TuneCore Blog for all of the latest updates.

New Store Alert! Get Discovered On 8tracks

Do your fans love making personal, themed playlists? 8tracks Internet radio is home to over 2 million playlists! 8tracks users from all over the world lovingly curate playlists and enjoy highly specific, relevant programming — spanning every imaginable style, activity or mood.

Boasting nearly 8 million monthly listeners, 8tracks is an exciting new store that TuneCore is now distributing to! Less repetition + a uniquely human touch = an unmatched opportunity for music discovery.

When you add 8tracks to your stores, you get…

  • The biggest audience for independent music on the web: 2/3 of 30 million hours streamed each month is independent content.
  • 3rd largest internet radio platform behind Pandora & iHeart, but younger listeners (50% 18-24) and more indie artists (2/3 indie).
  • User-generated radio means truly democratic programming; no barriers to your music being played and rising to the top.

Sound enticing? We thought so. Add your release to 8tracks today!

While you’re in your Store Manager, check what releases might be missing from other stores.


Over $2 Million Uncollected by TuneCore Artists – Get It Now!

Jacqueline Rosokoff is a member of the TuneCore Artist Support Team. Jacqueline also a member of Doctor Uke & Daughters.

Your music may be bringing in money you’re unaware of. If your songs are streamed on satellite, internet, or cable radio stations, it is required by law that you receive royalties. Don’t worry if this is the first you’re hearing of this law⎯ money previously earned is still safe and waiting to be collected. Read on to find out how to get it.

If your recordings have been played on “non-terrestrial based radio,” which refers to satellite radio stations (like Sirius- XM), internet radio (like Pandora), or via your cable provider, U.S. federal law requires that you receive streaming royalties. If it’s your song, or your voice, or your instrumental on the recording, it’s your money.

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