Legal & Business Tips For Musicians On Twitch

While it may seem as easy as clicking a button to go “live” to the world, there are a myriad of business and legal considerations that a musician or other entertainer must consider in order to take full advantage of their digital streaming outlet as well as to best maximize the potential revenue that they could earn through this income stream.

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Life During Quarantine: Live Streaming Concerts

Stuck indoors? Missing that live connection with fans? Host a live streamed concert from the comfort of your home! Check out this article for tips on promotion, platforms, and prepping.

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As Recording Technology Advances, How Does the “Live Experience” Change?

[Editors Note: This blog was written by Sabrina Bucknole. Sabrina has been singing in musical theater for over eight years, and wrote this as a deep dive into how the meaning of “live” performance has changed over time.]   Seeing a “live” performance has changed in meaning throughout recent years. With the introduction of new technology to the […]

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