Wednesday Video Diversion: March 22, 2017

We’re back after a long, fun, and music-filled week at the legendary SXSW! But even after being back for a couple of days, the memories of awesome live music, tacos, and warmer weather couldn’t feel more out of reach. We’re feeling that sluggish Wednesday attitude first-hand, so as always, we’re back to hooking you up […]

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Wednesday Video Diversion: December 21, 2016

Twas less than a week before Christmas, and all through the day…folks were getting bored, sleepy and/or restless and needed something distract themselves with. Just because it doesn’t rhyme doesn’t mean it’s not true! Enjoy this week’s round-up of TuneCore Artist videos:   Dom Kennedy, “2 Bad” River Town Saints, “A Little Bit Goes a […]

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