Mastering Your Merch – Merch Strategy [Part 2]

In Part 2 of our “Mastering Your Merch” series, Merch Cat’s Vanessa Ferrer shows artists the ropes on maximizing mech strategies on the road and online.

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Mastering Your Merch – Merch Basics [Part 1]

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Vanessa Ferrer, owner of Merch Cat. Be sure to check out next week’s second installment that covers ‘Merch Strategy’!] Merch is serious business if you want to sustain a career as an artist in today’s music world – it’s a surefire way to put funds in your pocket […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Band Sell More Merch

[Editors Note: This blog was written by Patrick McGuire. Patrick is a writer, composer, and experienced touring musician based in Philadelphia.]   With the music industry reeling over increasingly poor record sales, artists are having to rely on ways other than selling their music to earn money more now than ever before. Band merchandise is proving […]

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