5 Low-Cost Apps to Make Any Artist’s Life Easier

[Editors Note: This is a guest blog written by Cassie Phillips. Cassie learned over time that she could use her passion for music to help others – she writes on Culture Coverage for music lovers and artists alike to help them get the most of their experience.] Let’s face it, life as a musician is not always so […]

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Interview: Josh Simons on Vampr – the New Collaboration App for Artists

Whether you’re looking for a date or a fun new way to connect with your friends, there’s no shortage of mobile apps being developed and released to the world every month that’ll capture our collective attention and hopefully make our lives easier in some manner. The more we progress in a technical sense, the more […]

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BandsInTown Announces New Direct Messaging Option

If you haven’t already been using it as a fan or an artist, BandsInTown is the #1 concert discovery app on the market. When fans follow a band or artist on Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud or numerous other platforms, BandsInTown alerts them ahead of time that the band or artist will be playing near their location. It’s win/win for […]

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New Store Alert: Zvooq Gets Your Music Heard All Over Russia

Russians love their “muzyka” – turn them on to all your music today! Get your singles and albums in Zvooq, our new Russian music store. It is Russia’s leading fully-licensed music streaming service, focusing on emerging markets. The Zvooq App has been Russia’s #1 Top Free Music App. Adding Zvooq to your stores will allow […]

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