3 Training Exercises to Help Develop Your Ear

[Editors Note: This article was written by Chelsea G Ira.]   Let’s talk about your ear. Your ability to hear properly is perhaps the sole thing that allows you to create, write, and perform music – and your most valuable asset as a musician. And yet, many musicians don’t take the time to develop their […]

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The #1 Music Theory Technique to Help Improve Your Live Sound

[Editors Note: This article was written by Chelsea G. Ira.]   Music theory is something that’s associated with boring lectures filled with outdated examples, and endless exercises lacking any practical application. For that reason, a lot of musicians skip it, opting to learn by ear or figure things out themselves. But here’s the thing – […]

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4 Music Theory Techniques To Help You Write a Great Chorus

[Editors Note: This article was written by Chelsea Ira of New Artist Model.]   I want you to think of some of your favorite songs. You know, those choruses you could sing over and over for hours and still not be sick of them. How do you think those songwriters stumbled upon something so seemingly perfect? Was […]

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Even If You’re a Professional Musician, You Should Consider Taking Lessons

[Editors Note: This was written by Hugh McIntyre. Hugh writes about music and the music industry and regularly contributes to Forbes, Sonicbids, and more.]   When most musicians first jump into the business and try to make a go at superstardom (or even just surviving, which is difficult enough), they are only good enough to get by. It’s fine to […]

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