Wednesday Video Diversion: January 3, 2018

Happy New Year, all! Welcome to the first Hump Day of 2018 – while it should be the most energized we’re going to get all year, it’s entirely likely that half of you are falling asleep as you read this. Fear not – we’ve got a great line up of TuneCore Artist music videos to kick off the new year in style:

Morningsiders, “Cherry”

Tim Myers, “Lover My Love”

Temple Agents, “Listen What I Say”

Team Unlimited (Leezy), “Direct Messages”

Ships Have Sailed, “Drive”

The Undercover Dream Lovers, “Come Home”

Anna Clendening, “Relapse”

Jae Tips, “Arms Reach”

Wala Why, “Enemy”

Jose Alfredo & Valeria Cid, “Si Me Besas”

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 27, 2017

It’s here, y’all – the LAST Wednesday of 2017.  Don’t worry, we’ve got a great line up of videos this week to go out in style with, and we’ll have a weekly installment geared up and ready to go in 2018. We’ll send you off with this oddball musical fact – your final for 2017: on this day in 1975, a 16-year old Steven Morrissey (aka MORRISSEY) had his letter to the editor published in UK’s NME magazine, where he can been complaining about the lack of coverage being dedicated to the fabulous New York Dolls! We all know what would come to be from this opinionated, oft-dramatic young man, and this letter could have served as proper warning! See you in 2018:

Eric Heron, “Be Me”

Jaclyn Gee, “Killing Time”

Jazz Anderson, “Sometimes”

Wood & Wire, “Dancin’ On My Grave”

M. the Heir Apparent, “Tell Her”

Dryspell, “You Without Me”

Scavenger Hunt, “Ghosts”

Giants in the Trees, “Seed Song”

Belle Mt, “Hollow”

Curtiss King & Gosh Loeotus, “Listen 2 U”

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 20, 2017

Happy Wednesday! We’re slingin’ more TuneCore Artist videos like we do every week. And of course like every week we’re also acknowledging weird musical history moments. For instance, did you know that on this day in 1969, folk legend Joan Baez was sentenced to 45 days in prison when she got picked up by the coppers during an anti-war protest? Fight the power, Joan! Anyway, here are some awesome TuneCore Artist music videos:

Tayong, “Easy”

PJ Harvey & Ramy Essam, “The Camp”

Carter Winter, “Stay With Me”

Anna Clendening, “Boys Like You”

Tiwa Savage, “Ma Lo (feat. Wizkid & Spellz)”

Joyner Lucas, “I’m Not Racist”

Ron Pope, “The Last (feat. Carli Babel)”

Myles Erlick, “Serious”

Jim Manser, “C.R.U.S.H.”

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 13, 2017

Another Wednesday is upon us folks, and there’s only two more of ’em left in 2017 after this! A fun musical fact to complement this week’s fine selection of TuneCore Artist music videos, today marks the birth of proto-punk and all around rock and roll legend Tom Verlaine! Verlaine fronted the New York City-based group Television and released the iconic Marquee Moon debut album (followed by the criminally underrated Adventure). Here’s to Mr. Verlaine – now, enjoy those music videos.

Katie Costello, “Holiday”

Sama Blake, “Turbulence”

The Animal In Me, “I Created a Monster”

Futuristic, “I Want It I Get It”

The Dear Hunter, “Blame Paradise”

SWIMM, “Groupie”

Pink Fireball, “Eva Green”

Gus Dapperton, “Prune, You Talk Funny”

Niko G4, “The City (feat. Dom Kennedy)”

Carns Hill, “Big Business (feat. K Trap, LD, ASAP, & Blade Brown)”

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 6, 2017

Happy Wednesday once more, readers and music video lovers. Today we’re celebrating “Underrated Drummers Month” and wishing Rick Buckler, drummer of British trio The Jam, a happy 62nd birthday! Who are The Jam? Only one of the finest rock outfits to come out of the 1977-82 UK punk/Brit-pop era, (if you ask this editor, anyhow). If you’re less familiar, dive into The Jam’s wonderful discography AFTER you enjoy these wonderful TuneCore Artist videos.

$uicideBoy$, “Face It”

Foggieraw, “U Can’t Be My Baby (feat. DJ Yung Vamp)”

Cuban Da Savage, “Let It Blow (feat. Molly Brazy)”

Michael Christmas, “Not The Only One (feat. Tobi Lou)”

DREAMDOLL, “Everything Nice”

Bill $aber, “Creepin N Kurkin”

Corey Finesse, “No Suburban Remix (feat. Sheff G)”

Francois van Coke, “Die Wereld is Mal”

Sun El-Musican, “Akanamali (feat. Samthing Soweto)”

Sketchy Bongo, “Let You Know (feat. Shekhinah”)

Wednesday Video Diversion: November 29, 2017

We’re back! Another Wednesday, another line up of awesome music videos from a diverse array of TuneCore Artists. And keeping in the theme of including weird historical music facts, today marks the 37th anniversary of Swedish pop group ABBA’s last #1 hit, “Super Trouper“, making the charts. Their reign of terror, er, terrible infectious pop hits, came to an end in 1980 with a song that this editor has had an impossibly hard time deciphering/remembering the lyrics to no matter how many times he hears it. Now, on to those videos we spoke of…

Q Da Fool, “Real”

Melotonics, “Me & You”

DJ Peligro, “Perreolandia Vol. 4”

Topaz Jones, “Tropicana”

Lud Foe, “187”

Joyner Lucas, “Winter Blues”

Ghostemane, “Andromeda”

Sada Baby, “Stacy”

YBS Skola, “Shinning”

Babeo Baggins, “Fleas”