What 2017 Taught Us About How to Market a Record in 2018

[Editors Note: This blog was written by Rich Nardo.]   2017, for all its faults, taught us a lot. Perhaps the most interesting lesson for us music industry folks was that you can still make money as an independent musician. The way forward is young and not yet fully established, but it is now apparent that […]

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Why Playlists Are More Important Than Ever

[Author: Patrick McGuire *]  In 2017, the playlist has become an integral part of not just music but our culture at large. While radioplay and the blogosphere still have the power to bring attention to an artist, playlists are becoming a steadfast way for more and more listeners to discover and consume music. This isn’t […]

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Tips For Getting Your Song On a Spotify Playlist

[Author: Janelle Rogers *]  You’re absolutely certain you want, no, you need, to get on an official Spotify playlist. The problem is you’re not sure how to reach the elusive curators and you’re struggling to get past 50 followers on Spotify. Asking to be on an official Spotify playlist in that case is somewhat the […]

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