6 Benefits of Building Playlists & Sharing Them With Your Fans

[Editors Note: This article was written by Hugh McIntyre.] Some people claim that playlists have replaced the album, and while they do sometimes have a fair point or two, the transition hasn’t happened yet, and it probably won’t for some time. Having said that, now that we live in a streaming-first world, playlists have become […]

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The Importance of Diversifying Your Music Promotion Efforts

[Editors Note: This article was written by Patrick McGuire.] It’s a complicated time to be making music. Factors like music fans en masse increasingly favoring playlists over traditional albums, and our ever shortening attention spans, make the act of promoting a new single or album tricky business these days. However, one thing couldn’t be more […]

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April Industry Wrap-Up

Amazon Music Subscriber Rate Soars in 2018 Too often we in the music community focus on the ongoing competition between streaming stalwarts Apple Music and Spotify. Quarterly reports continually result in alarm bells going off on both sides, seeming to suggest to everyone in the States, anyway, that there are really only two household names […]

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How Streaming Platforms Are Changing Music Promotion and Discovery

[Editors Note: This article was written by Patrick McGuire.] As music streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music continue to transform and revitalize the music industry, artists are just beginning to fully comprehend the seemingly limitless potential of new music discovery and promotion technology in 2018’s musical landscape. Songwriters and musicians continue to struggle to financially cope […]

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Why Playlists Are More Important Than Ever

[Author: Patrick McGuire *]  In 2017, the playlist has become an integral part of not just music but our culture at large. While radioplay and the blogosphere still have the power to bring attention to an artist, playlists are becoming a steadfast way for more and more listeners to discover and consume music. This isn’t […]

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August Industry Wrap-Up

Spotify Begins Testing Videos Within Playlists It’s amazing to think about the progress that streaming platforms have made over recent years. Streaming itself was and is a groundbreaking way to listen to music digitally, but one can even point to the amazing influential powers of playlists as an example of how quickly the way fans […]

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Spotify Announces Fan Insights Feature

Spotify just keeps the awesome features coming these days. In September you read about the rollout of their “About Pages”, where artists can see their monthly unique listeners, where they’re coming in from geographically and which playlists they’re being discovered on. This week, the ever expanding music streaming service announced that they are rolling out a […]

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New Store Alert! Get Discovered On 8tracks

Do your fans love making personal, themed playlists? 8tracks Internet radio is home to over 2 million playlists! 8tracks users from all over the world lovingly curate playlists and enjoy highly specific, relevant programming — spanning every imaginable style, activity or mood. Boasting nearly 8 million monthly listeners, 8tracks is an exciting new store that TuneCore […]

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