How Hits Made: Documenting the Quest For a Hit Song [Interview]

What goes into making a ‘hit song’? It really depends on who you ask; some members of the music industry will begin to talk about melodies, genres and repetition, while a cynic might simply point to financial and network advantages. But what about an artist or band? Hit songs aren’t an everyday occurrence, despite however many […]

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Listen: TuneCore Chief Creative Officer Joe Cuello on Bompopradio

About ten months ago, a music industry vet by the name of Joe Cuello joined the TuneCore family as our first-ever Chief Creative Officer. His addition to the team marked a giant step forward for our brand as we seek to create more opportunities for our community of independent artists. Joe’s expertise and experience has […]

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Interview: Composer Mark Phillips Discusses Scoring 'Serial' Podcast

Podcasts are an increasingly popular medium to communicate stories, news, and other content with listeners, episode-by-episode. In fall of 2014, a podcast series titled Serial emerged as a spin-off to the critically acclaimed “This American Life” radio show/podcast on NPR. Over the course of 12 weeks, host Sarah Koenig took listeners through a murder case that […]

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