Why a Concise, Cohesive and Sustained Brand Image is Necessary

[Editor’s Note: this article was written by Hugh McIntyre.] Throughout the years I’ve been working in the music industry, I have spoken to countless musicians at every level of their careers, from those just getting started with only a handful of songs to the biggest names in the business. Two things seem to separate the top figures in […]

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5 Ways To Promote Your Latest Feature

[Editor’s Note: this article was written by Hugh McIntyre.] Promotion looks very different today than it did even just a few years ago in the music world. While traditional reviews and interviews at radio stations and on TV shows were once the only things that mattered, now social media, in-person events and so many more […]

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6 Essential Tools for Indie Artists

By W. Tyler Allen Being a DIY musician in today’s industry requires, work and hustle — but it’s possible. Straight up, it’s completely possible to become a successful independent artist in today’s digital landscape. How exciting is that?! You can make it, but like any profession or task, you need tools. Throughout my career working […]

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