March Songwriter News

By Dwight Brown Spring forward. Get ahead. The publishing industry is becoming an investment goldmine. Artists who applied to a songwriting competition TV show get a wakeup call. A Berklee professor sues Spotify, while Spotify settles with NMPA. A hot debate over the length of copyright terms erupts. There’s a lot going on for songwriters. […]

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January Songwriter News

By Dwight Brown A New Year brings more opportunities for songwriters to get ahead. So what’s up? Co-writers are leaving the strongest mark on top ten hits. Spotify wants to do the right thing when it comes to songwriter royalties. The digital age is heaping complications on jazz musicians, but makes composing a snap. Deaf […]

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10 Reasons To Choose TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

[Editors Note: This is a re-posted blog from 2/10/14, originally written by Jacqueline Rosokoff. We’ve made some minor updates, but other than that, enjoy and be sure to visit our Publishing Administration page for more info!]   You put a lot of work into writing songs.  And because these compositions form the foundation of your […]

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