Interview: Manafest Talks Sync Placements & Collecting International Revenue

Canadian-born MC Manafest has enjoyed success in marrying Christian hip hop with varying sub genres of rock music, never failing to provide an energetic, uplifting and enjoyable experience for his listeners. He’s got 7 studio albums under his belt since 2003, his most recent being The Moment, released in August of 2014 & distributed by TuneCore. Manafest is the perfect example of an […]

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10 Reasons To Choose TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

[Editors Note: This is a re-posted blog from 2/10/14, originally written by Jacqueline Rosokoff. We’ve made some minor updates, but other than that, enjoy and be sure to visit our Publishing Administration page for more info!]   You put a lot of work into writing songs.  And because these compositions form the foundation of your […]

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