Why You Should Treat Your Music Career Like a Startup

[Editors Note: This blog was written by Rory Seydel and originally appeared on the LANDR Blog. Remember – if you need your songs polished instantly, give LANDR a try!] The music biz is still the wild west — Here’s how to be an outlaw. Howdy stranger. Music promotion and growing your career as an artist is the most […]

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75 Tips & Tricks to Get Your Music Out of the Bedroom

[Editors Note: This is a fun, inspiring list written by Rory Seydel that was originally featured on the LANDR Blog. Think of it as a fun, creative exercise that’s meant to get you thinking differently about the way you make music!] Sometimes you need a little inspiration to kick start the process. Here are 75 light-bulb inducing ideas. 1. Ignore […]

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Why Master Your Music? Everything I Wish I'd Known

[Editor’s Note: This blog was written by Rory Seydel, Community & Content Manager at LANDR. It was originally featured on the LANDR Blog.] When I first started producing, I struggled with mastering; the often misunderstood—kinda complicated—sometimes confusing artform… I spent months mixing my first album – I thought it would change my life. So when I finished, I […]

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