Wednesday Video Diversion: June 28, 2017

Finding yourself lost in a daze of boredom on this fine Hump Day afternoon? Well, did you know on this day in weird and random music history approximately 40 years ago, Elton John became the Chairman of his beloved Watford Football Club? He did! See below for a picture of him goalie-ing it up. And while you’re at it, keep scrolling for more delightful distraction: a bunch of awesome TuneCore Artist music videos!

Ron Pope, “Work”

Zorgon, “They’re Coming!”

Ashely McBryde, “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega”

Naughty Professor, “Stray (feat. David Shaw)”

Gloria Prince, “All To Me”

KoBoogie, “Don’t Be Mad At Me (Real Rapid)”

Abi Ann, “Truck Candy”

Sheer Mag, “Fan The Flames”

AJ Mitchell, “Used TO Be”

Adam Doleac, “Whiskey’s Fine”

Upchurch, “White Lightning”

Wednesday Video Diversion: February 1, 2017

Aaaaaand February is suddenly upon us. Looking beyond the still-groggy-start to a new year and crummy cold weather, we’re pleased to drop a great new line-up of music videos featuring a bunch of awesome TuneCore Artists! So join us in our weekly ritual of internet distraction and wonderful music and visuals:

Loose Buttons, “Thrill”

Ryan Upchurch, “Outlaw”

Jacquelyn Schreiber, “Beautiful Love”

Ellie Holcomb, “Find You Here”

Cocovan, “Summer Nights”

Sheer Mag, “Nobody’s Baby”

Transit, “We Don’t Say It Anymore (feat. Jocelyn Alice)”

SiR, “W$ Boi”

Queue, “More”