Dissecting Billboard's Music Executive Survey

Last week, Billboard released it’s inaugural (anonymous) A-List Music Executive Survey – wherein “Billboard polled the top executives in music on a broad range of temperature-taking topics” –  and if you’re into reading headlines, the big take aways were that today’s high-level industry players love Taylor Swift, hate rap and EDM, and have generally mixed […]

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Get Paid With Apple Music!

As many independent artists likely know, Apple announced the launch of its upcoming streaming service, Apple Music, at this years WWDC Conference. We’ve made sure to offer our Artists and prospective Artists the chance to read up about Apple Music on our robust Knowledge Base in the meantime, but there were still lingering questions from all […]

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Ron Pope: How I Made $250K From Streaming

[Editors Note: This blog is written by TuneCore artist Ron Pope, and was originally featured in Billboard’s Op-Ed section on November 25th. Ron Pope continues our ongoing discussion on streaming music, but we love hearing your thoughts! We encourage discussion about how YOU feel about music streaming in our comments section.] I’d like to start by […]

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