3 Content Tips For Artists on Twitch

Getting your feet wet with live streaming? If you’re interested in expanding to Twitch, check out this piece that offers some tips for creating engaging content for the platform!

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Legal & Business Tips For Musicians On Twitch

While it may seem as easy as clicking a button to go “live” to the world, there are a myriad of business and legal considerations that a musician or other entertainer must consider in order to take full advantage of their digital streaming outlet as well as to best maximize the potential revenue that they could earn through this income stream.

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How HANA’s Experiment Proves That Twitch Isn’t Just For Gamers

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Sırma Munyar.] A few months ago, independent alternative pop artist HANA came out of her shell with a revolutionary experiment: an album fully written, recorded and produced by her, live on Twitch, within four weeks. There have been similar attempts in the recent past: most notably, Esperanza Spalding […]

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