Wednesday Video Diversion: March 1, 2017

On this extra special middle day of the week, we’re finding a few reasons to be happy. For example, it’s the first day of March! Also, we get to wish a three-way musical Happy Birthday to Harry Belafonte, Roger Daltrey and Justin Bieber! There’s a party we wouldn’t miss. ANYHOW – find your own excuse to tune out of your daily duties and enjoy these fine TuneCore Artist music videos:


Nada Surf, “Where Is My Mind?”

Marshmello, “Summer (feat. Lele Pons)”

WillThaRapper, “Pull Up Hop Out”

MoStack, “Murder (feat. Moelogo)”

Rench, “Mugshot”

Tow’rs, “Porcelain”

Taelor Gray, “Famous”

Chris Bourne, “She Drives Me Crazy”

FOXY MOJO, “Say Goodbye”

Wednesday Video Diversion: February 1, 2017

Aaaaaand February is suddenly upon us. Looking beyond the still-groggy-start to a new year and crummy cold weather, we’re pleased to drop a great new line-up of music videos featuring a bunch of awesome TuneCore Artists! So join us in our weekly ritual of internet distraction and wonderful music and visuals:

Loose Buttons, “Thrill”

Ryan Upchurch, “Outlaw”

Jacquelyn Schreiber, “Beautiful Love”

Ellie Holcomb, “Find You Here”

Cocovan, “Summer Nights”

Sheer Mag, “Nobody’s Baby”

Transit, “We Don’t Say It Anymore (feat. Jocelyn Alice)”

SiR, “W$ Boi”

Queue, “More”

Wednesday Video Diversion: January 25, 2016

Got the late January blues? We’re back this week as always to hook you up with the audio-visual distraction needed to take you out of whatever kind of slumber you’ve fallen into this afternoon!

Ricky Raw, “Stay At Home”

Avery, “American Idiot”

Jonathan Terrell, “Color Me Lucky”

Sandra Lynn, “Bar Hoppin”

Lil Bibby, “Can’t Trust a Soul (WSHH Exclusive)”

Carns Hill, “OT3 Intro (feat. Blade Brown, Mental K, SDG & Youngs Teflon)”

FLETCHER, “Princess”

Jessie Reyez, “Figures”

Jacquelyn Schreiber, “Beautiful Love”

Wednesday Video Diversion: October 12, 2016

We return once again to distract and thrill you during this seemingly never-ending mid-week slump! On this day back in 1969, a listener called into a Detroit radio station to let the DJ know that if you spin the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever”, you can hear John Lennon saying, “I buried Paul”, contributing to and kicking off the widespread rumor (read: conspiracy) that Paul McCartney was dead! Now, before you head down that internet rabbit hole, check out some awesome music videos courtesy of some awesome TuneCore Artists:


Phora, “Move Too Fast”

Von Sell, “I Insist”

Drew Baldridge, “Rebound”

Tori Deal, “Not My Fault”

Samora Pinderhughes, “A Statement of Resilience”

DJ Lil Man, “Newark Cypher”

Knox Hamilton, “Washed Up Together”

The Undercover Dream Lovers, “The Way You Look”

Foray Between Ocean, “Path of Darkness”

Wednesday Video Diversion: September 28, 2016

Happy Middle-of-the-Week from your friends at TuneCore! It’s getting a little late into the afternoon and we’re here to rescue you from your own boredom with a sweet line-up of TuneCore Artist music videos – so get watchin’:


AJR, “I’m Not Famous”

Bryan Lanning, “Who Knew”

Marc Broussard, “Cry to Me”

Kina Grannis, “The Fire”

Thomston, “Float”

Lincoln Lac, “Bottoms”

Ye Ali, “Cashin Out”

DVBBS, “Ur On My Mind”

SIMRIT, “Pavan Guru”

The Wrecks, “Favorite Liar”

Wednesday Video Diversion: September 21, 2016

First day of fall, y’all! And as the summer finally slips away from your grasp and you come to terms with it, we understand that you’re likely ‘falling’ asleep on what feels like a truly endless Wednesday afternoon. So WAKE UP with this awesome round up of music videos from our even more awesome TuneCore Artist community – now with 100% more Jazzercise!


Joey Purp, “Girls @ (feat. Chance The Rapper)”

Seedless, “Heart of a Warrior”

Bad Suns, “Disappear Here”

Opus Orange, “Let You Down”

New York Movie, “Firecracker”

Glen Phillips, “Amnesty”

Bantam Foxes, “Sleep”

Alyssa Bonagura,”Rebel”

Jake Shimabukuro, “Kilauea (Nashville Sessions)”

MC Chris, “Where the Ghosts At?”