Surviving the Winter Slowdown

The early months of winter are actually an incredibly valuable time for indie artists looking to really hone their game. Besides, after a hectic year, we can all use a bit of a break to reflect, regroup, and take action, right?

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5 Concepts Songwriters Should Always Keep In Mind

[Editors Note: This article was written by Joan Selby.]   Writing a song that captures our feelings and conveys them to an audience is often more difficult than it seems. Sure, it is easy for us to understand every metaphor and to relate to certain emotions that our lyrics describe, but will a perfect stranger […]

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7 Great Ways to Accelerate Your Songwriting Skills

[Editors Note: This was written by Zac Green.]   There’s nothing more intimidating than a blank piece of paper. Starting the process of writing a new song can take just as long as finishing it. So here’s seven tips to help you speed up your songwriting. 1. Work in a group, then alone Having a few […]

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