Wednesday Video Diversion: July 22, 2015

You know you’re apart of an ever-changing industry when the universe suddenly decides to pick ONE day for new releases! As such, our long running, weekly “New Music Tuesday” blog has moved to Friday, leaving many of you wondering, “But…but…what about TCVideoFridays?! WHERE WILL I GO TO BE DISTRACTED BY AWESOME VIDEOS?” Well, not MTV. (This thing on?)

Introducing your mid-week, humpday distractor now living on the TuneCore Blog: Wednesday Video Diversion! Whether you’re on the bus, sitting behind a desk, or waiting on your drummer to show up to rehearsal, go ahead and get lost in the audio/visual goodness each week as we present random round-ups of TuneCore Artist music videos! Without further ado…

Bugzy Malone, “Watch Your Mouth”

Kita Klane, “Fingerprints”

Madyx, “Some Kisses”

YONAS, “Night Is Young”

The Lacs, “God Bless a Country Girl”

Young Paris, “The Haus”

Paul Nagra, “Paranda (feat. Sardool Sikander)”

Bash, “Body”

Yujen, “Try It Over”

NoMBe, “California Girls”