CD Baby Reviews and Pricing vs TuneCore

TuneCore vs. CD Baby

At TuneCore, we believe in empowering artists to make the right choices for their careers. We believe in simple, straightforward pricing and top-notch artist support to help you make the best business decisions. The table below outlines why TuneCore is the best choice for artists who want to make more money.

Pricing is in U.S. dollars (USD)

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Music Distribution TuneCore CD Baby
Album Fee

$29.99 Setup fee

$49.99 annual fee after first year

$49 Setup fee

No annual fee

Single Fee

$9.99 Setup fee

$9.99 annual fee after first year

$9.95 Setup fee

No annual fee

Commission on Sales Revenue


Artists keep 100% of sales revenue


Artists keep 91% of sales revenue

Number of Digital Store Partners


Preferred iTunes Music Aggregator
Artists reach fans in over 200 countries and territories


Music Publishing Administration TuneCore CD Baby
Setup and Service Fees

$75 One-time fee – covers all current and future singles and albums

$89 Fee per album for new customers

$49 Fee per album for existing customers

$34.95 Fee per single for existing customers

$29 Fee per single for existing customers

Commission on Songwriting Revenue


Artists keep 90% of sales revenue


Artists keep 85% of sales revenue

Publishing Administration Service Available


U.S. & Canada only

Sync Licensing Commission (Film, TV, Commercials, etc.)

10% or 20% commission*

– In-house creative team

– Exclusive Sync & Licensing Database

– Open to songwriters/publishers worldwide

*20% commission if TuneCore secures any licenses through our Creative team’s efforts.

40% up to 40%

– Outsourced

– U.S. & Canada residents only

Information current as of: 11/11/14

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The TuneCore artist community has earned over $836 million in revenue and sold over 57.3 billion music units through downloads and streams since TuneCore launched in 2006.

I have been using TuneCore since I began making records. Over the years I’ve seen my audience really grow and I’ve been able to reach more people than ever before with my music. I love my fans, I love touring, and TuneCore helps me focus on my career.

Colt Ford


TuneCore has allowed my label Year Round Records to release music when, where and how we want to, and they always pay us on time. I’m looking forward to releasing more music through them.

DJ Premier


TuneCore is an invaluable tool for an independent band like Angels & Airwaves. We are now able to have lucrative control over our own assets, whether its music, videos or feature films.

Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves