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What is a Mechanical License?

A mechanical license gives you the right to reproduce and distribute a copyrighted song on a permanent digital download.*

*The mechanical license provided by Royalty Solutions only covers digital downloads. You will need an additional license if you choose to physically distribute your cover song.

How do I know if I need one?

If you have created a recording of a song that was written, recorded and previously released by another artist – this is classified as a cover song. NO matter how unique and different your version is, someone else legally owns the song and is therefore entitled to royalties. By requesting a mechanical license, you are ensuring that the original creator of the song is getting their fair share of the sale of the cover.

Who is Royalty Solutions?

Royalty Solutions is a partner that provides mechanical licenses for TuneCore distributed tracks through


Standard License

One time fee of


Best suited for artists who intend to sell more than 500 digital download (units)

Pay-as-you-go processing fees assessed quarterly

Covered forever

Limited License

One time fee of


Best suited for artists who intend to sell less than 500 digital downloads (units)

Pre-pay all fees even if units are unsold

Once units are sold, re-licensing, converting to a Standard License or ending the sale of the download is required

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