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TuneCore Success Stories

"...It's helped me tremendously in my career because obviously now I have the lifestyle where I'm actually able to monetize off of what I love to do and what I'm passionate about. Literally, I make a living making music and it's the greatest thing in the world."

Devvon Terrell, TuneCore artist since 2014

"At the center of our crazy dreams for this band is just a want to connect with the folks listening to our music - to move people, whether they’re in the same room, or across the world. Tunecore has made that a possibility, and also a much simpler process."

Dakota Jones, TuneCore artist since 2016

"TuneCore has made [my success] possible just because I'm completely independent. I have no management, I have no agents or label telling me what to do or telling me where to go or what the next step is and giving me ideas...I love being independent."

M. Maggie, TuneCore artist since 2015

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TuneCore vs. iMusician: Who gets my music into more online stores?
TuneCore delivers your music to 150+ digital music stores and streaming platforms worldwide. On top of services like Spotify, Tencent, TikTok and Apple Music, TuneCore has partnered with key platforms globally to help independent artists increase their reach and build fanbases.

TuneCore vs. iMusician: Who is providing more artist services?
TuneCore’s suite of Artist Services help artists build their careers, whether it’s getting reviews of new releases from real music fans, cover song licensing, professional mastering, or CD duplication.

TuneCore vs.iMusician: What is the pricing for collecting money on Instagram and Facebook?
TuneCore’s Facebook Music (Instagram and Facebook monetization) service is free to opt-in to. TuneCore collects revenue earned when users upload content using your music.