TuneCore Mastering

Every artist needs mastered tracks.

Unmastered tracks sound inconsistent and don't get playlisted on DSPs. But mastering sessions with experienced, professional engineers – which give your music the professional edge it deserves –  can run an average of $50-$250 per song. That adds up quickly.

That's why we're excited to introduce TuneCore Mastering, an AI music mastering service that offers professional results at a DIY-ready price - $5. It masters musicians’ music instantly.

To understand how, let’s define exactly what music mastering is, online or in real life.

What is Music Mastering?

In music production, mastering means the last step of audio post-production, and its primary aims are "quality control" and balance.

A well-mastered track uses EQ (or equalization) to remove or reduce unwanted sounds. It uses compression to put loud and quiet sounds in proper equilibrium. On a well-mastered track, every sound is purposeful, and at the exact volume its artist desires – whether quiet or red-level pushing.

This is why mastering music is so important: it’s a final once-over to ensure that the songs musicians pour their hearts into accurately reflect their efforts. 

With TuneCore Mastering, that “last look” is affordable and effortless.

Easy To Use

With TuneCore Mastering, next-level production is as simple as “drag” and “drop.”

  • Drag your track onto the TuneCore Mastering iFrame

  • Drop it on the iFrame

TuneCore Mastering goes to work instantly. You can compare “before” and “after” versions and download your results – all in one easy-to-use widget.

Quick Results

Mastering is a painstaking process that requires precise attention to detail. It can take time, but not with TuneCore Mastering.

TuneCore Mastering's AI software utilizes top-of-the-line programming to do deliberate work with remarkable haste. Most tracks TuneCore Mastering tackles receive sonic upgrades in mere minutes, leaving musicians more time for the studio or a well-earned breather. 

If time is money, TuneCore Mastering is priceless.

More Affordable

Even at their most affordable, sessions with professional studio engineers cost an average of $50-$250 per song.

TuneCore Mastering is $5 per song. 

That means no matter how you choose or need to spend your hard-earned dollars on your latest recording project, there's a way to save money, one of the most crucial steps without sacrificing quality.

Doesn’t Replace Engineers

Engineers are incredible.

Seriously. No AI can replicate what professional engineers do, day in and day out. TuneCore Mastering doesn't aim to.

TuneCore Mastering helps you get the songs you've been sitting on across the finish line, those tracks that will land you the streams, attention, and clout to record wherever you want and garner new fans everywhere.

TuneCore Mastering is a small but crucial step in your musical journey, and it's one you can afford to take.


Who is this for?

TuneCore Mastering is for artists and producers like you, whether you're new to making music or are an established artist. Our mastering tool gives you peace of mind that your tracks sound great regardless of what speaker systems or streaming platforms they are on. If you want to focus on producing great music instead of running around testing your tracks on different speaker systems, this service is for you!

How do I distribute my masters?

1.Download your master file in the TuneCore Mastering Widget

2.Create a new release through the TuneCore release builder

3.Use the downloaded master file from Step 1 when uploading your track to TuneCore

If you have already released a song and want to replace the original file with the mastered version, please follow this guide.

How should I prepare my tracks before uploading?

For optimal results, follow these three steps: 

1.Make sure your mix doesn't peak above 0dBFS. 

2.Remove all limiters and other mastering plugins from the main channel in your DAW.

3.Test the mastering tool with different versions of your track. If you're unhappy with a mastered version, go back to your DAW, tweak your mix, and upload again. The AI will pick up on your changes for a better outcome.

For more information, check out this blog article by Masterchannel.

Is this free to try?

Yes, it is entirely free to try! You can upload and test the mastering tool with as many tracks as you like for free. You will receive a free full-length preview of your mastered track. 

If you like the preview and want to download the complete master, you can choose to purchase the fully mastered version. You will never be charged automatically.

Is this mastering included in my existing subscription?

No, this service is not included in your existing TuneCore subscription; you need to pay for each master separately.

How do I pay for it?

If you want to purchase the mastered version after listening to the free preview, you will be redirected to a separate checkout process. Please note that payments will be made to our partner, Masterchannel, and will appear as such on your bank statement.

I paid for my mastered song but did not receive it by email.

Songs purchased are automatically sent to your email with a link to the download page. Please check the spam folder if you can't see the email in your inbox.

If you still can't find your song after a song has been purchased, please get in touch with us at tunecore-support@masterchannel.ai.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about mastering or payments?

Please contact the Masterchannel team at tunecore-support@masterchannel.ai; they'll be happy to help you.