One of the most common misunderstandings in the music business is the notion that being affiliated with a performing rights organization (PRO) such as BMI or ASCAP means you don’t need a publishing administrator.

That couldn’t be further from the truth; the reality is that these are separate entities performing different tasks with a mutual goal of making sure songwriters are paid. Both play an integral role in the career of a songwriter.

Before we go any further, it is important to note that publishing income is varied with multiple royalty streams and that a PRO operates in the business of collecting performance royalties exclusively. A publishing administrator works in tandem with your local PRO to maximize performance royalties globally, as well as collecting all the additional revenue sources such as mechanical royalties. The bulk of music publishing income these days is derived from the mechanical royalty income stream, a source of revenue PROs cannot collect.

PROs perform a very important function, so much so that each territory around the world has its own PRO. Firstly, the US is unlike most territories in that it has multiple PROs. They are ASCAP, BMI, Alltrack, SESAC and GMR. The majority of territories around the world only have one PRO; the UK has PRS, Germany has GEMA, France has SACEM, Sweden has STIM and Norway has TONO etc. There are literally hundreds of them!

TuneCore’s Music Publishing Administration is a member of all of these societies worldwide. We take your songs and register these copyrights directly with all the significant PROs around the world to make sure the money derived from the use of your songs makes its way to your pocket as soon as possible.

Let’s say you’re locally affiliated with BMI and have a song with radio airplay in 15 territories worldwide: if you didn’t use TuneCore’s publishing service, then you’d to wait for 15 different PROs to collect your performance royalties, find out who you are and who your local PRO is and then pass that income to BMI. Both the overseas PROs and BMI will take a cut of those royalties.

What if that same song has one million streams on Spotify across 30 different territories?

That publishing income comes through in the form of micro-payments from multiple countries with different rules, regulations and payment schedules. Waiting for that money to find its way to you is a lengthy and cumbersome process full of nooks and crannies, wherein those royalties can easily go missing.

In fact, without a publishing administrator in can take anywhere from 18 months to multiple years depending on the territory for these royalties to find there way to you if at all! Furthermore, without a publishing administrator, US writers specifically are missing out on up to 51% of their publishing income as, without publishing administration, you cannot collect US mechanical royalties.     

A publishing administrator like TuneCore Music Publishing Administration will register and track songs and collect income for those songs direct at source from hundreds of societies around the world. This ensures the money derived from the use of your songs makes its way to your pocket as soon as possible. Make sure you collect what’s yours!