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Want fans on TIDAL streaming your music? TuneCore makes it easy to get your music streaming on stores like TIDAL, Spotify, and Apple Music without taking a penny of the money you earn.

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How To Add Your Music to Tidal

It’s never been easier to distribute your tracks on TIDAL and start making money from your music. These three easy steps are all it takes to get started:


You Upload Your Music to TuneCore

Upload your music files along with your artwork and release information quickly and easily. Choose from 150+ additional store and streaming partners including Tidal, Apple Music, and more.


TuneCore Sends Your Music to Tidal

We’ll send your release to Tidal and over one hundred fifty stores and streaming services worldwide that you selected. Start selling your music online faster than any other service. The sooner you’re music is live in stores, the sooner you can get your music streamed by fans and added to playlists.


You Get Paid

Every time you get streams on TIDAL. Every time your music gets bought on iTunes. You get paid, and we put your money directly into your TuneCore account. TuneCore never keeps a cut of your sales revenue.

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Mac computer with independent TuneCore artist Chance the Rapper on Tidal

How to Make Money on Tidal

Mac computer with independent TuneCore artist Chance the Rapper on Tidal

How to Make Money on Tidal

Keep 100% of the money you earn from streams of your music on TIDAL.

Lauded by music fans for their high-resolution audio and highly curated playlists, TIDAL is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. By putting your music on TIDAL, you make it easier for potential fans to find and stream your music.

Take the next step - put your music on TIDAL without giving up any of the money you earn.

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Why TuneCore

Worldwide Distribution
Keep 100% of Your Sales
Detailed Sales Reporting
Extensive Artist Services

TuneCore has been fighting for independent artists around the world for more than a decade. Our mission is to give musicians everywhere all the tools they need to succeed. Don’t have a label? No problem. We offer the distribution, data, and services for you to take your career to the next level.

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TuneCore distributes to over a hundred stores and streaming services across the world, including:

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