Musicians want their music in Pandora, it’s a great service with great possibilities for exposure. We wanted to explore the possibilities of getting TuneCore artists’ music into the Pandora service. From TuneCore CEO Jeff Price:

About three weeks ago, I met with Tim, the founder of Pandora, in hopes of exploring a way for TuneCore and Pandora to work together. I also spoke with them again, Monday, March 22nd, 2010, after I saw a recent claim by another digital distributor.

I can state to you with no hesitation or uncertainty based on my direct conversations with Pandora about this very issue that there is no distributor that is able to deliver music to Pandora for inclusion into the Pandora service. It simply does not exist, since Pandora makes it decisions editorially.

[Here is how to get your music considered for the Pandora service, directly from Pandora.]

Anyone that states otherwise is either knowingly misrepresenting the truth or not educated.

TuneCore is the largest distributor of music in the world, whose artists collectively sold or streamed for payment over 61,000,000 songs in 2009, making over $32,000,000, representing one of the largest and highest revenue generating catalogs in the world. We are constantly approached, and are approaching, by stores or services looking to gain access to your music. So we’re talking with Pandora and many services that we and our customers value, and we’ll always do it honestly, with knowledge of the process.

And no matter what, we will never, ever, lie or misrepresent. Our mission is to inform and educate everyone, so they know how to thrive in this evolving business.

Jeff’s right, and that’s why it’s more important than ever to put out there exactly how Pandora works and how to legitimately offer your music to them.

You’re eligible for consideration by Pandora if you have a CD for sale PHYSICALLY on Amazon. TuneCore can help:

  1. Put your album into TuneCore (details here:
  2. When picking your stores, choose the Amazon-on-Demand store, either a-la-carte for $1.98 or INCLUDED FREE if you pre-buy distribution to all stores for our flat $46.99 offer (details here:
  3. When your CD becomes available shortly thereafter in Amazon-on-Demand, follow Pandora’s own steps on how to qualify and submit (details here:

Then it’s up to Pandora, as it always has been.


Peter Wells
Co-founder, TuneCore

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