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Summer is quickly coming to an end but let’s keep the summer vibes going with this week’s round up of #TCVideoFridays!

Codie Prevost, “All Kinds of Crazy”

[youtube]Claire Bruff, “Her Quirky Ways”

[youtube]Tay Allyn, “Cause for Pause”

[youtube]The Blue Aces, ” I Don’t Wanna Know”

[youtube]The Pretty Littles, “Small Towns”

[youtube]Sonia Leigh, “Put It in Your Pocket”

[youtube]Lily and the Tigers, “The Hand You Deal Yourself”

[youtube]Jake Coco, ” Stay With Me (Sam Smith Acoustic Cover)”

[youtube]Grant Woell, “2 Get 2 U”

Tall County, “Sly Penny”


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